Direct seeding of cohabitational " of " of sheep of Russian website tiger sends break down latest news: Pass because of discharge before this big

Login register direct seeding of cohabitational " of " of Hu Yang of website of Russia of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to send break down latest news: Does big source: pass because of discharge before this? Be not 2015-12-31 11:1 of net of annulus of? of north of the larva of a tapeworm or the cercaria of a schistosomeEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 3 Http:// channel [summary] area of Russia seaside border area website of wild animal garden already repair, can continue sheep of direct seeding tiger " live together " the life.

[round-the-world net reports integratedly] according to Russian new company on December 31 message, area of Russia seaside border area website of wild animal garden already repair, can continue cohabitational life of sheep of direct seeding tiger. Negative charge of discharge of this website Ceng Yin is too big before this and break down.

Russian website restores direct seeding of cohabitational " of Hu Yang "

Before this, area of Russia seaside border area administrator is in wild animal garden this garden socialization released a tiger on website homepage Amuer and its not the cohabitational life direct seeding of Er of hophornbeam of goat of common young associate, cause website discharge load too big and

break down.

This website already changed now alone server, return to normal move, again the life of the Amuer tha

t direct seeding records by 4 camera and hophornbeam Er.

Before a many month, goat hophornbeam Er is cast to feed the Er of tiger A Mu in crawl, however the tiger did not eat off it because of goat resistance, subsequently the goat held a tiger sleep lie, approach olden tiger sleeps in housetop, two animals begin after this peaceful coexistence. Alone in the evening pass the night, but take a walk along garden area together by day. Tiger A Moore and goat hophornbeam Er already made the favorite of gregarious website now, its video has about a hundred on YouTube 10 thousand click a quantity.

(Original title: Russian website restores Hu Yang to live together direct seeding passes to break down greatly because of discharge before this)

Outspread read: Discharge of cohabitational " of " of sheep of tiger of direct seeding of Russian media network passes roughly the website breaks down (graph) relevant read: One policeman of Shandong exposing to the sun plays government of dozen of hardened thief old person: Department assist diligent already criticized 2015-12-24 Gao Yixue to give birth to schoolboy of the neck in restful night classroom to kneel down propose (graph) 2015-12-27 Linyi detail of death of police station of district of garden of north of area of Lan Shan of 16 years old of boys: Xiamen of Zhangzhou of city of spring of Fujian of 2015-12-24 news recreation dies when desert

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