Exceed Jiangeerninuo to become the whole world 4.7 million life of tremendous crisis menace is put (graph)

Login register text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to exceed Jiangeerninuo to become the whole world is 4.7 million life of tremendous crisis menace put (graph) origin: ? ?2015-12-15 09:3 of huge rock of discharge  contractionEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 7 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel [summary] exceed Jiangeerninuo the phenomenon is browbeating badly the bread of 4.7 million population of Pacific Area and live

In report will occupy new network on December 15 outside intermediary report, charitable organization is happy use meeting caution, exceed Jiangeerninuo the phenomenon

is browbeating badly the bread of 4.7 million population of Pacific Area and live, and predict to arrive the most quickly next year the beginning of the year, this phenomenon may be caused amount to 4000 face famine, disease and problem of the shortage that feed water to the population of 50 million.

Data picture: Exceed Jiangeerninuo the phenomenon is browbeating badly the bread of 4.7 million population of Pacific Area and live.

Local time 14 days, happy apply meeting (Oxfam) publishs a report, appeal world each country makes countermeasure quickly, in order to handle the tremendous crisis of dimensions of this whole world.

This report expresses, the high temperature drought that exceeds place of phenomenon of strong ell Ni Nuo to cause at present, rainstorm big waterlogged with freezing frost, bring about Pacific Area 4.7 million population is immersed in hungry, poverty and disease crisis, suffer concussion with Papua New Guinea of Pacific Ocean insularity among them the biggest.

The report says, parisian climate congress just was reached in 13 days consistent, the whole world concludes a treaty nearly 200 times capital commitment is strengthened should browbeat to climate change. Nevertheless, happy apply can emphasize, climate change already mad

e phenomenon of ell Ni Nuo quickens aggravation, and might exceeds strong, because this whole world wants cogent reduce carbon to discharge still must give greater effort.

The report points out, since the phenomenon of ell Ni Nuo this year is recorded to have the strongest, to handle this global tremendous crisis, each country of world of this report appeal must be adopted as early as possible answer the action, ability saves more life.

Suffer Ethiopia of country of the Papua New Guinea that pounds the largest area to include Asia-Pacific area, Africa and Malawi, and latin america country is Haitian with Honduras.

The report says, upland of Papua New Guinea will suffer drought and frost menace, beat local agriculture and stock raising development badly, suffer affect population amounts to 3 million person.

In addition, archipelago of graph of A of made of baked clay slave, Fiji, Solomon, Samoa and east add, same cannot escape by sheer luck, drought weather will make insularity of the Pacific Ocean austral these is faced farming make lean reach water to offer insufficient issue.

On the other hand, the rainfall of Asian each country also will decrease, suffer an effect with Indonesia among them the biggest, philippine predicting next year of about 85% areas will suffer arid menace before March.

Current, the Ethiopia already had about 8.2 million population to be badly in need of because of drought coming to help, african south area also has large area area long drought does not have rain.

The report still points out, phenomenon of super ell Ni Nuo brings about the intertropical tornado Ji Gengchang of the Southern Hemisphere possibly also, library gram archipelago and Sheng rub inferior the menace that will face stronger storm.

Happy apply meeting Australia is humane Temeien says rescuing manager boast: Climate change has rung alarm bell noisy, to avoid to let vast population be driven to the last ditch, we must act immediately, no time to delay.

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