Sydney dog of cruel of student of one foreign citizen of Chinese origin is punished 200 bay yuan or face prison term of half an year

In report will occupy new network on December 18 new fast network reports Australia, boat of beautiful of Cai of student of Sydney foreign citizen of Chinese origin (Jiahang Cai, transliteration) some earlier this year what moment raises him is aureate search a place of strategic importance that answer a dog to enter boot inside, lose the case in corridor next, without giving thought to its anyway. The court rules he is mistreated animal and take animal outfit excessive and narrow space, instruct makes

him pay 200 bay yuan (1 bay yuan add RMB 4.6183 yuan) amerce and relevant law fee.

Court of place of treasure vivid city this week listen all, live in Sydney inside area collect thises on the west (the Cai Jia boat of Rhodes) this year on September 29 in the morning, this only fair dog a place of strategic importance is eaten wide the black boot that still is less than 50 centimeters, him place loses the case to live after pulling slide fastener the fire control of apartment flees for his life passageway.

Australia is royal prevent cruel cultivate to meet (the censor He Erlun of RSPCA) (Tyson Hohlein) says in submitting hall document, cai beautiful boat so the end that become is to deal with a building to check Gang Qingjie carpet, and driving even go taking an exam. File middle finger goes out: Boot is smooth put, dog dog can lie in dark and cramped space only.

After in Cai Jia boat puts boot in corridor 20 minutes, the worker that works in block of flats 1 at that time heard the growl of dog dog despair. After the event of Cai beautiful boat admits to RSPCA censor, he knows dog dog is installed boot, won't feel comfortable, and even if is him when the dog is raised in apartment, this dog is little also have take exercise. The assessment that RSPCA censor does points out, this dog is met into so little space by a place of strategic importance the body is uncomfortable, anguish an

d trouble.

Nevertheless Cai beautiful boat rejects to hand over this dog at first, still ask to return his boot. After front courtyard careful ends, he Erlun expresses, after speaking till what passed 2 months and protracted for a long time, cai beautiful boat just gave RSPCA finally to take care of.

The judge rules 2 accusation establish Cai beautiful boat, sentence his capture to pay fine 200 bay yuan, in addition even capture pays a court fee nearly 1900 bay yuan. Nevertheless according to Australian relevant law, the highest penalty that 2 his accusation face is each amerce 5500 bay yuan, and or 6 months term of imprisonment.

This is only aureate search a dog to live in Sydney with new host now, still by incognito Harvey (Harvey) . He Erlun expresses, this dog lives very well now.


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