Core of Beijing of the general that uncover secret " influence is encircled " lifeblood of control Russia economy (graph)

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roadleaf plantEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 9 Http:// channel [summary] western media near future pays close attention to general Beijing very. BBC12 is written 28 days month civil the influence of Beijing of the general that uncover secret " core is encircled " .

Was destined 2015 is Russia president Fulajimierpu Beijing year. This and Russia are mixed in Syrian problem this year blow organizes the positive positive result that the respect obtains Mohammedan country to concern extremely. Western media near future pays close attention to general Beijing very. BBC (BBC)12 is written 28 days month civil the influence core group of Beijing of the general that uncover secret.

Mei Dewei Jeff



Core personnel Dou Fuzun spends general capital

2000, beijing of Russia president general is in power beginning, ever was asked in be interviewed who is his most trustful aides and staff. He mentioned 5 people at that time: Patelushefu (NikolaiPatrushev) , Ivanov (SergeiIvanov) , Mei Dewei Jeff (DmitryMedvedev) , Aliekexiekudelin (AlexeiKudrin) , Yi Ge.

Went 15 years, these people remain the member that the influence core of general Beijing encircles, holding the high-level position with Russia government decision-making strategy, controlling the economic lifeblood of Russia.

Patelushefu, hold the post of director of security bureau of Russian Federation state since 1999, he was appointed to be secretary of Russia safety commission 2008.

Ivanov, ever held the post of Russia defense minister and Vice Prime Minister. He holds the post of director of Russia president general office since 2011.

Mei Dewei Jeff, came to assumed Russia president 2012 2008, comprise a song-and-dance duet popular in the Northeast of Russia political field together with general Beijing, it is Russia currently holds the post ofa premier.

Aliekexiekudelin, the Ministry of finance before Russia is long, did not hold the position of official post at present, but still help general Beijing give counsel in finance and respect of economic general affairs.

Yi Gore thanks musical instrument, hold the position of in general Beijing government all the time curule, it is Russia Petroleum Company presiding apparitor.

BBC is unscrambled, the existence that this core encircles showed two issues:

Above all, the aides and staff beside general Beijing is maintaining continuity, shuffle truly very scarce, from this core group expulsive circumstance is done not have almost.

Next, this core personnel Dou Fuzun that heads a group spends general capital, or it is general Beijing during KGB holds a post, or it is to go up 90 time are in the century when Sanket, or it is to follow all the time general Beijing.

Assemble in Russia safety commission

Besides afore-mentioned 5, this core group still includes a few otherer be trusted by the president, be in charge of by entrust important infrastructure project, for example Akadiluotengbeige (ArkadyRotenberg) , he is one of main controller of Olympic Winter Games of all alone agree. Other people still include character of head of a few places and senior official.

A lot of people in them rank important post before general Beijing is in power even. Russia prevents ministerial Shaoyigu to ever held the post of Russia emergency head of a department. Go up century 90 time he is a prominent politician, ceng Yu came 2001 the party chieftain that unites Russia party is held the position of during 2005.

These characters are assembled in nowadays in Russia safety commission. In the meantime, of Russia administration system it is not quite good to run: Of policy fulfil often very slow, do not reach the designated position completely sometimes, because this needs help of a few people,carry out of responsible project.

What Youliteluteniefu acts is such part. 2000, he is elected for local bey, held the post of rich ministry minister 2004. 2013, he is promoted to be president of Vice Prime Minister and division of federal of Russia far east special delegate.

Russia observes the personage still points out, weiyaqiesilafuwoluojin begins to help general Beijing undertake politics run from 2011. Of Woluojin take up a political career orbit is to Russia core from the place politics is encircled. He ever built the front of complete Russia people that has force quite 2011. Later, he is a

ppointed to be Russia government general office the first vice director, begin those who be in charge of Russia country politics to restart from 2012.

Be close to the Russia official place of general Beijing to laugh at character like in that way, general Beijing pitch on because they have beautiful eye,these people can not be, however because they are able thing.

(original title: The influence core of general Beijing is encircled)

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