Exposure of motive of murderer of California pop case: Ever argued with the colleague religious problem (graph)

Login register exposure of motive of murderer of case of pop of California of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian: Ever argued with the colleague religious problem (graph) origin: ?  tries know well?2015-12-04 16:1Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 3 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

International is online stalk of grain only: According to England " daily Post " will report on December 3, na Dinuo of shellfish of American California emperor city (San Bernardino) the gunman assailant of pop incident Saiyidefaluke (Syed Farook) with the wife Dashenfen Ni Ma Like: Before this they ever produced intense brawl with respect to religious problem with a Judaic colleague, latter is in pop incident be shot to kill with the gun by this pair of couples. After pop incident happens, faluke and Malike and police undertake gunfight, in pairs is shot dead by police.

The driver's license photograph that bureau of American California registration of vehicles published Faluke (webpage cut pursues)

Before assault incident produces 2 weeks, faluke ever worked in the same place with the Jew Nigulasidalaxinuosi (Nicholas Thalasinos) Mohammedan question happens intense brawl. Strap Mu

Stephen according to the library this (Kuuleme Stephens) confirm, she ever called to this Judaic colleague, and latter is discussing religious issue with Faluke at that time. Judaic fellow says in the phone, faluke insists to say Mohammedan the religion that is peace. Stephen this still express, faluke ever said American pays no attention to solution before this Mohammedan.

Stephen this express, the member that Faluke and tower pull the superintend that Xinuosi i

s local dining-room, often discuss politics and religious issue. Dalaxinuosi has close Israel tendency, often go up in Facebook assail is Mohammedan. " new York Times " the report says, the negative comment to Moslem was full of on his webpage, ever expressed dissatisfaction to American president Aobama.

Before pop incident happens, faluke ever attended holiday clique to be opposite, but leave in anger to going up in the clique. After this, he and gram of benefit of Pakistan wife horse are returned afresh, made pop murder case.

Ammunition library discovered in the home that FBI still is located in California in Faluke, there are much weapon ammunition and detonator dynamite inside. Secret service people discover 5000 much hair dynamite of 12 bullet, detonator and many make temporarily the tool material of exploder. In addition, the Faluke that the United States is born appears to had been changed extremely, he ever passed phone or gregarious media contact with target of suspicion of many international horror, probably this also is the partial motive that he launchs assault.

Still not be clear about the direct inducement that whether causes this pop incident namely with Dalaxinuosi's brawl now.

Police confirms say, faluke and Malike carry 4 guns to launch assault in all, they are bought legally in the United States 4 years ago. But when police investigation, merchant person denies firearms to ever had sold firearms to them. Police discovers bullet of 1600 much hair on the black SUV that Faluke takes. Police expresses, faluke and Malike fire 75 bullet in all in pop spot, cause 14 people death, 21 people are injured.

(original title: Exposure of motive of murderer of beautiful pop case: Ever argued with the colleague religious problem (group plan) )

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