Outside intermediary: The Malian hijacks incident to fasten local Mohammedan extreme to organize place to be character

According to BBC, qatar peninsula TV station affirms, the armed element that hijacks a hotel comes from an organization that the name is Ansar Al-Din. Peninsula TV station says, this organization is the place in the horse advocates the organization of extreme military affairs of Mohammedan law. American media says, defend local France and American soldier, of the soldier in the horse accompany next entering hotel, chase a room to search and take away a guest. Occupy England additionally ” defend a newspaper ” message of TV station of the nation in cite horse says, already 80 hostage are released.

According to England ” daily telecommunications signs up for ” report, local time 20 days, enter capital of African country Ma Li according to believing 10 gunman Bamake manages luxurious hotel, hold sb under duress 140 passengers and 30 employees. The spot

comes out report of a gun and detonation, when gunman enters a public house, halloo Allah is great.

Eyewitness points to say, gunman takes diplomatic person

nel car to enter a public house, visit a public house silently 7 buildings, shoot to this corridor next, this hotel shares 190 rooms.

Ma Li ever also will produce a hotel to hijack in August case, finally 4 employee of 5 4 soldiers, U.N. , gunman die.

Military coup d’etat happened in the horse 2012, mohammedan radical controls upper area, the united army that France leads drove away a radical 2013, but upper circumstances still flabby. At present Ma Li still has 1000 law army, holand has 450 soldiers, helicopter of agree of 4 A handkerchief, 3 CH-47 transport is in place.


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