Pan Jiwen fastens Korea of the visit inside Yu Benzhou U.N. secretary-general visit of first pairs of face

A message personage is opposite U.N. 15 days Han Lian's company reporter discloses, u.N. secretary-general Pan Jiwen makes the same score Korea of the visit insi

de Yu Benzhou soil. This will be U.N. secretary-general has official visit to Korea first.

Pan Jiwen ever will publish the plan that visit day on May 19 this year, be paid cl

ose attention to by the height of international society. Dan Chaofang at the following day, namely 20 days of before dawn send an announcement to say to Panjiwen through diplomatic channel, the decision recalls the decision that agrees with Panjiwen to visit area of city industry garden, from this plan of Panjiwen that visit day did not get fulfilling.

Original bid: ? Does dream of Shen of Ju of bureau of Yi of  of admire of  of hoarse of づ of mallet of faint of  blind  feed  ?


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