Xi Jinping and Ajinuo greet 2 minutes Ajinuo: Acknowledgment attends a peak to meet

Will report on November 19 according to Philippine media and Hong Kong media, the APEC plenary session that A Jinuo’s president held in center of Phili

ppine international conference yesterday welcomed leader of Xi Jinping etc during opening ceremony.

According to harbor intermediary report, if Beijing APEC peak was met last year, xi Jinping and Ajinuo did not arrange bilateral interview, but two people interact to still cause attention, the greeting ceremonially of each country head is in Ajinuo, xi Jinping is the last enter the arena, greet 2 minutes with Ajinuo. Keluoma of spokesman of government office of the president that occupy phenanthrene report, what A Jinuo says at that time is, chairman of be used to, welcome you, thank you to come Manila attends APEC meeting.

Philippine ” business signs up for ” the report says, in walk into auditoria preparation and APEC industry advisory committee (when ABAC) represents a dialog, a Jinuo and Xi Jinping and Chile president Baqielaite go in foremost platoon together, baqielaite goes in two people among, talk cheerfully and humourously with Ajinuo, be used to makes the same score an one language to be not sent nearly, walk alone. After several minutes, a Jinuo just makes the same

score murmur nearly to be used to, be used to anounces a smile.

It is reported, although in phenanthrene relationship becomes because of Nanhai conflict strained, but Xi Jinping still attended the APEC summit that holds in Manila to meet. [round-the-world net reports the reporter holds the post of plum]


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