1.4 million pound buys American billionaire so that Picasso draws to take favorable balance of trade now 67 million dollar

The picture that Luo Bi of Ba Bo of Spanish art Great Master increases demand makes day of La Gommeuse 5 compare an auction to be auctioned all right in Su Fu of American new York, clinch a deal valence exceeds 67 million dollar.

Afp comment, this the auction lets American billionaire Williams Yinggelahamukeke earns brushstroke greatly. He was bought so that this draws with value of about 1.4 million pound 1984. Before the auction, su Fu compares the rate that draws to this to be 60 million dollar.

This renown picture is created 1901, belong to Picasso grieve to read aloud the suicide to die friendly melancholy p

eriod. Picasso are in French Paris when the life. Canvas front depicted a naked nocturnal inn singer.

In rehabilitate 2000

, staff member accident discovers canvas backside still is hiding a picture, the Ma Naji of Er of admire of mercantile good friend that the character in the picture is Picasso.

Su Fu comparing says in a statement: This eccentric and crafty picture is made depicted this trader head to wear exotic tire, have female body and oneself man head, shape of leap of the person that do dance. This double-faced picture occupies a letter to was sold 1906 by Manaji.

5 days auction the night of the bumper harvest that division of it may be said overcomes. The painter of French impressionist school that he collects overcomes name of series of the lily in water of Luo Demo Nai to draw a medium, pat 33.85 million dollar.


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