Media: Does Korea labor party hold countrywide congress 36 years to be lain between when what?

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30 days of reports say the company in face of cite of Xinhua News Agency, the Political Bureau of committee of Korea labor the Party Central Committee published decision book that day, announce to will hold labor party the 7th times in May at next year countrywide congress. This will be Korea 36 years are lain between to hold countrywide party again when labor party acting meeting, last time Korea holds party generation to meet even restrospect to Jin Richeng advocate politics of period 1980.

On October 10, 1980, korea labor party the 6th times congress kicks off. Network data

Basis before experience, this party generation that will hold in May next year is met on, labor party will announce very important politics measure probably. That party generation before 35 years is met on, korea labor party passed active party constitution, main body thought makes the program of Korea labor party formally, of Jin Richeng child Jin Zheng day is elected for committee member of committee of the Party Central Committee, become Jin Richeng successor formally.

What can the party generation before open?

According to the party constitution of Korea labor party, countrywide congress is the top authority gear of Korea labor party. Party constitution regulation, countrywide congress is held 5 every years, call together by the Central Committee. The Central Committee thinks when necessary, can shift to an earlier date or delay is held. The Central Committee shifts to an earlier date the date that 3 months announce countrywide congress and agenda. The working content of countrywide congress is: 1. Summarize the work of Central Committee and central examination committee; 2. Pass or revise, the creed of compensatory party and constitution; 3. The main problem of tactics of the course that decides concerned party, policy, strategy; 4. Election Central Committee and central examination committee.

Become in golden day advocate politics period, party generation can be in Korea politics life have quite great weight. Although party constitution sets every 5 years to hold plenary meeting, but labor party is held greatly 1946, 2 hold greatly 1948, twice this the conference decided leadership core of the country, undertake planning to the development of prospective country. Lie at that time the period of development of end of World War II, cold war, of the congress of these two whole nations of labor party advocate fundamental key is having inseparable concern with martial fight.

As a result of the influence that is erupted by Korea war, 3 hold greatly after 8 years 1956, on this conference, object Jin Richeng sending public launch an attack, prove an abortion. 4 be in as scheduled eventually greatly after 5 years held 1961, this one period, still had held 1966 at was being mixed 1958 meet almost parallel party representative with party generation essentially, latter is meet in special period exercise and party generation the mechanism of same power. Party constitution of Korea labor party sets, in congress adjournment, can hold the delegate meeting of the party, discuss the important matter such as the course that decides a party, policy and human affairs.

Generation of every time party will be sessional, labor party still holds Central Committee plenary session often. Held plenary meeting 12 times in all greatly, 2 held plenary meeting 11 times greatly, 3 held plenary meeting 15 times greatly, 4 hold plenary meeting and enlarged meeting nearly 20 times greatly, held 1970 5 also have plenary meeting 19 times greatly, after leaving 10 years all the time 1980 6 hold greatly. The delicacy of political life hold office at court of labor party has absolutely place, be in a few times this just about after the conference, jin Richeng is working party within the party the position gets consolidating completely.

Why to attend a meeting a party 35 years?

The 6 big altogether 1980 held Central Committee plenary session 15 times, hold for the last time 1993. Later, korea labor party also had not held congress again.

Mention like above paragraphs place in that way, differ with other country, korea party generation meeting system is not very the system is changed. But why 30 had not also attended a meeting a party again for years? Cui Zhiying of director of lab of peninsula of Korea of research center of Asia-Pacific of the university that be the same as aid expresses to insurgent news, this and world situation change with Korea politics pattern changes inside and outside the element of two respects is relevant. He says, the political economy of the Korea at the beginning of 1990 encountered quite big challenge, exterior be faced with Su Dong revulsion, motion of whole world communism encountered a setback, the United States and Korea are all-time to plan of affairs of state strong, korea interior encountered especially big famine, political power is in the sensitive period that joins a state again.

Below such setting, of Korea first army the thought begins to brew.

1991, jin Zheng day is elected as people army top commanding officer, xiu Xian is passed again after two years, be elected as chairman of national defence committee. Before Jin Richeng died of illness 1994, basically complete control charged Jin Zheng day legionary. After 3 years Shouxiao expires 1997, he holds the position of labor party secretary-general. But notable is, the committee of Korea labor the Party Central Committee that what Jin Zhengen accedes is not Jin Richeng one duty, be elected as labor party secretary-general directly

however. The ordinal itself that this one influence consolidates explains the action in life of bright politics of military hold office at court has risen gradually.

On May 30, 1994, those who be in the United States offer to fall, u.N. Security Council puts forward to undertake a nucleus the project is investigated and undertake punish to its to Korea, erupted crisis of nucleus of first time Korea. After half an year, just day put forward the Jin Zheng of carry on formally first stratocracy is treated.

Subsequently, the position in life of bright politics of military hold office at court gets be strengtheninged all-timely. 1998, korea revises constitution, cancel committee of people of center of the central Shaanxi plain of machine of raw supreme power, the highest war that stipulates national defence committee is a country heads mechanism and the office that run national defence in the round. On political place, legionary importance begins to outstrip labor party stage by stage, till 2009 Korea revises constitution again, it is chairman of national defence committee clearly top leader of the country surely, by former leader overall national defence job turns into the overall job that leads a nation, military importance position becomes extremely.

Fall in such setting just about, political appear relatively weak the labor party that change also had not held one second party again acting meeting.

Will acting meeting have this party what meaning?

Till September 28, 2010, korea labor party held party representative meeting the 3rd times eventually, this is the conference with the as acting as the party parallel meeting that above paragraphs alludes. Jin Zhengen is promoted this to be vice-chairman of council of the war central on the conference, became successor formally thereby.

The policy of Jin Zhengen period and photograph of Jin Zheng day change than appearing, although still stress military action, but the construction that also emphasizes a party at the same time and leader action. Cui Zhiying expresses.

After a year 2011, jin Zheng day dies. Be in subsequently on conference of the 4th party representative, korea sets labor party newly the first secretary, stipulate the first secretary is the dynast of the party, represent a party and lead complete faction. Conference choose Jin Zhengen is Korea labor party the first secretary, chairman of committee of committee member of central the Political Bureau, standing committee committee member, central war.

Can see, as Jin Zhengen influence consolidate, the position of Korea labor party also is in pick up.

Compare period of Jin Zheng day, although the Korea of Jin Zhengen times still is faced with not small inside and outside to hand in tired, but the pattern that is not the at swords' points after cold war ends any more. Come 3 years from in power in light of public activity of Jin Zhengen, the attention that he builds to economy is spent a lot of taller than wanting before also. Media can notice, come 3 years the place of the people's livelihood that Jin Zhengen inspects special, small reach dawdle plant, arrive greatly the International Airport that make the same score soil. This surgical apartment learning the home, hydroelectric station, shop is the place that he often inspects.

In April 2013, construction of executive economy of decision of plenary session of committee of labor the Party Central Committee and nuclear armed strength build collateral strategic line. Come according to hand-in-hand course all the time to now delicacy and national communication, communicate and handle face nucleus issue. This month 10 days, korea celebrates Korea labor party to hold water 70 years with all-time and royal parade.

The new period strategy that all things appear to reflect a Jin Zhengen strive to be caught to two tactics of party advantageous position, army authority.

What the decision that the Political Bureau of labor the Party Central Committee publishs writes is very clear, current the whole people of entire party horse and foot is in of Comrade Jin Zhengen all round unitive of one mind, lifting socialism party of labor of Korea of battle of total assault fortified positions of construction of powerful and prosperous country faces new revolutionary job. This appears to make clear, economic construction, and how to develop delicacy of labor party hold office at court the action of each battlefront be

comes one big subject. Party generation can talk what, can what kind of measure announces, at present have no way is informed. But anyhow, it is the most important that the party generation that will hold in May next year meets what will become observation Korea the window. (reporter Huang Ao)

(original title: Commentate does party of labor of news Piao Korea hold countrywide congress again to are 36 years of ability lain between when what? )

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