Thailand genuflect thanks mother of glean and collect scraps to choose beautiful champion to be exposed to the sun record of formal schooling builds high school of false give false information to graduate

Laureate, foot steps on head of girl of a Thailand high-heeled shoes, the photograph that is thankful to the mother with means of worship on bended knees before ash-bin however, moved global myriad netizen. This Thailand of 17 years old chooses b

eautiful champion to block Shan of Ni tower handkerchief to be called to collect rubbish girl again, she collects the life of rubbish at facing her without be ashamed, won wide praise for her.

However, loop of its abrupt peak turns, the record of formal schooling when Kanida is exploded to take part in the match makes a holiday, attend junior high school only originally she of 3 grade, him give false information record of formal schooling is high school graduation. This caused its champion title will be bereft guess. Thailand " Bangkok Post " match of 29 days of quote sponsors the website to clarify just, the laurel that expresses Kanida will continue to withhold. Kanida makes false event with respect to educational setting to contest organizer excuse, say oneself are not do it of purpose. She expresses, contest application form fills in by the uncle, she did not undertake examine and verify to its content later.

It is reported, after Kanida gains the championship, an university connection is sponsorred square, express to be willing to offer scholarship for her. The record of formal schooling that discovers her just now is sponsorred to make a holiday later. The report says, sponsor the coronal after just wanting to call in originally and money award, see she is sincere nevertheless apology and her filial piety heart, and also need this money really will improve family financial situation, t

he decision excuses her. Kanida also requests to sponsor the coronal after just calling in through media, because she has given family stake.

Although a few people are right,block Ni tower build a holiday to express disappointment, but major Thailand netizen still supports her. Netizen of a Thailand leaves a message express, educational level should not become an issue, the honest quality and style that this girl shows, any educational setting cannot be compared.


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