China buys an Australia to buy land of kilometer of below 100 thousand square to alarm bay the department of defense

The land that China buys the home to planning to buy an area to make an appointment with kilometer of 100 thousand square in Australian contest (approximate Chinese Zhejiang to visit an area) , along with is close 200 thousand oxen, include Anna Creek of the world's greatest the field that raise a cattle among them. According to British finance times the report will say on October 12, predicting price will is 325 million bay yuan (add up to 1.51 billion yuan of RMBs) .

Come from an ABC (ABC) the message says, of land possessory, also be the private land holder with the biggest Australia Jideman company (S. Kidman Co) express, the hopeful at the beginning of predicting next month announces the person that seize chief.

At the beginning of this year April, the company shows Jideman will sell the banner leaves land property, include to be located in on the west Australia, Kun Shilan, south A

ustralia and north are feudal the lease of the 18 place grass that wait. This company essence is household company, 98% share are Jideman familial hold.

Offer the view that attracted Chinese investor very quickly this with great quantity.

Be thought the enterprise that hopeful wins the bid includes

Total position produces oil of Shang Dongling grain at the vegetable oil of Guangzhou (glad of Donlinks Grain And Oil Company) , Shanghai roc (Shanghai Pengxin) and by course of study of buy of the room in Shanghai (Shanghai CRED) takes the lead the financial group that two civilian look forward to form, still have in the person that contest is bought large group of big He Shasha of card of Shanghai of civilian look forward to.

Comment of British finance times says, this dash forward show China new those who rise abruptly is medium produce estate to the flesh kind the demand that increases increasingly. The data of Dealogic shows, china increasingly flesh of lay particular stress on kind dietary structure makes Chinese enterprise is in what food domain was in 5 years in the past to cross only condition buy paid nearly 20 billion dollar.

Er of shellfish of bank of dagger of thunder of company president division expresses Jideman say, conference of board of directors decides Jideman to will be held on November 2, the person that admiral discusses a

nd can choose contest bid, the plan decides a first bidder recommends partner people, decide to whether be accepted by latter.

Campbell expresses, the work of the 2nd phases of contest mark is at present close already ending phase, this month 27 days, the bidder with not much amount to will hand over the final mark book that has sanction.

Campbell points out, the respect is devoting oneself to Jideman the approval that wins governmental respect. For example, be in on the west Australia, although grass lease itself is unsold, but if have the company of lease to accuse equity happening,change, also must get the government is approved. In addition, still a variety of federal law orders want; Investment of any abroad financial group ask to win the approval of foreign capital admittance.


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