Chinese couple beats up counterjumper to be arrested to say to be insulted in day advantage inn

In the center of Huang of Japanese Hokkaido thin pieces of wood used for writing on in ancient China the police station is 26 days with be suspected of beating up inside convenience inn remind an attention the counterjumper of ceremony sends his

to get hurt for, arrested on the spot call Shanghai oneself the Rong Jiaxin of some bank employee (36 years old) reach Zhao Xin of employee of its wife, company to sunlight (25 years old) . Couple of book of this pair of China is having honeymoon in place at that time.

According to police introduction, this is suspected of controlling city of Huang of Yu Zha of v/arc be on the throne 10:35 at 26 days of evening to the couple a cheek of 24 years old of male shop assistant is mauled inside the convenience inn of the area central, still capture its hair to play stamp, send its nose to also get hurt.

Say according to this police station, because before s

ome pays, Zhao ravels inside inn,ice-cream tastes, counterjumper asks with gesticulation signal its leave, this pair of couples sufferred later beat up. Rong Mou admits suspicion, express to feel the wife got insult at that time, hit him really.


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