Pop chart of the richest American releases Gai Cilian add 22 years a row American head is rich

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The cicada that build Ci couplet head is rich, buffett ranks the 2nd

According to United States of report of Xinhua News Agency ” Forbes ” the magazine will release pop chart of 400 the richest American on September 29, microsoft author is more successive than Er lid Ci the 22nd year list head of a list of names posted up.

Nevertheless, this fresh the sheet of a list of names posted up that gives heat suffers American landed magnate Tangnadetelangpu’s shout abuse. Home of body of crack oneself up exceeds Telangpu 10 billion dollar, but sheet of newest a list of names posted up admits he has 4.5 billion dollar only, your Telangpu feels do not have face.

Total money achieves the history new tall

” Forbes ” newest pop chart of 400 when give heat the richest American shows, on a list of names posted up person total money reachs 2.34 trillion dollar, allow when to be awaited before more than, rise 50 billion dollar than 2014; On a list of names posted up person fortune of average per capita is 5.8 billion dollar, rise 100 million dollar than last year.

Microsoft author builds Ci Ping to lend 76 billion dollar net assets, reside head of a list of names posted up high the 22nd year continuously, nevertheless this one forehead reduces 5 billion dollar than last year. Ba Fei of divine Wo Lun is special with 62 billion dollar row the 2nd, and this also is his consistent rank since 2001.

Advanced 10 in, yamaxun Beisuosi is in Jeff of company presiding apparitor the capability suction gold in going one year is the strongest, new last year earn 16.5 billion dollar, rank with net assets of 47 billion dollar thereby the 4th. Although left off his post last year presiding apparitor of company of inscriptions on bones or tortoise shells of the Shang Dynasty one duty, laliailisen still is ranked by right of net assets of 47.5 billion dollar the 3rd.

Mark of author of website of facial book socialization Zakebaige ascends first before the body 10, with 40.3 billion dollar net assets is ranked the 7th.

Telangpu is ignored 5.5 billion

After this plute a list of names posted up is released, cause American landed magnate instantly intense dissatisfaction of Telangpu. Telangpu is tongue-lashed in

an interview ” Forbes ” magazine incapacity, degenerate, underestimated his money worth actually.

Special bright general alleges for many times, his net assets exceeds 10 billion dollar. However, ” Forbes ” Landeerlaien covers clique investigation personnel 80 newses source throws unprecedented resource to be used at understanding Telangpu after family property accumulated over a long time, the net assets that maintains Telangpu finally is 4.5 billion dollar, the 121st is ranked in sheet of newest a list of names posted up.

Telangpu is very malcontent to this one rank, I am running for the presidency, my body home prep above your statistical number. Plainspoken, this lets me do not have face very much. I have 10 billion dollar to should have outer part more than having 40 much dollars.

” Forbes ” it is a degenerate magazine, they know what they are saying far from. I can say so much only, really too make me awkward. Telangpu Yu Nu did not cease.

Forbes recriminate

Lai favour is right reprimand recriminate of Telangpu, telangpu thinks ” Forbes ” calculating when his fortune, used a computational method that is different from other rich and powerful people? Telangpu replies: Yes, I am so think.

When somebody the person such as inquiry Lai favour has why when motive makes a holiday, telangpu expresses: Because I have name, and they are done not have.

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