Thailand female cateran takes off a shoe to be robbed into golden inn procurable hind do not forget to wear shoe

In new network report will report 18 days according to central company on October 18, inn of gold of 17 days of evening happening grabs Thailand Bangkok urban district case, police arrests one name daughter very quickly to grab bandit according to monitoring system, do those who laugh is her slipper is taken off before the inn that receive gold, procurable hind still remember be being worn.

It is reported, see from market monitoring system Dai Anquan cap wears this head that grab bandit black clothes pants, hold a gun the inn of a gold in entering market is grabbed all right, scare counterjumper and shopper everywhere flee in disorder, a salesgirl still has jumped to reveal ark to escape, adjoi

ning inn-keeper is frightened so that pull down iron rolling door.

After grabbing bandit to be acted the role of in gold of draw together of the search inside inn, from reveal ark to jump down, had not forgotten summary wear

s black loafer, whole journey makes an appointment with 25 seconds.

In Thailand a lot of places must want a shoe to enter, general and live with the part communal circumstance should take off a shoe to enter, when entering Buddha temple especially, connect a sock to cannot be worn.

Police finds the engine that grabs bandit according to line of monitoring system abide, arrest this name daughter grabs bandit, she in all procurable 1.14 million more than Tai Zhu’s gold is acted the role of, the suspect is offerred because be short of Qian Caijin to be robbed all right,saying is.


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