Department of accident of trample of go on a pilgrimage of sand spy Mecca is less than 2 fatal accident produces the 2nd case inside week

In report will report new net integratedly on September 25, local time 24 days, accident of trample of the person that go on a pilgrimage happens near Mecca of Saudi Arabia the Holy City. This is the accident of the most serious trample that Mecca happens 25 years, also be this year the 2nd when happen during pilgrim fatal a

ccident. Up to now, the accident already caused at least 717 people to die, additionally 863 people get hurt. Still do not have the report that has casualties of the person that close Chinese go on a pilgrimage at present.

This the accident is worth this year Mecca the 3rd day of pilgrim. That day, go on a pilgrimage person hold ceremony ejaculation stone, this kind of ceremony is go on a pilgrimage person be bungled suddenly to one side stonewalling with stone, break up in order to show diabolical. But crowd of the go on a pilgrimage in this process produced a disorder suddenly, caused jam and push, produced trample accident subsequently.

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oduces trample accident at least 453 people die the person that hundreds person hurts accident of trample of 9 24 of sand spy Mecca to send go on a pilgrimage of book of about 43 Iran dies accident of trample of Mecca 9 24: Total group of Chinese go on a pilgrimage is verifying Chinese citizen condition


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