National tourism bureau: The Shanghai tourist of American repatriate is absent blacklist

Because tourist of a Shanghai keeps uncivilized record wh

en Europe travels, enter a country when the United States was circulated on the net recently by the message of repatriate. But the staff member of bureau of Chinese country tourism tells 21 days ” round-the-world times ” , in the list of uncivilized behavior record that tourism bureau publishs, do not have this Shanghai tourist. Beijing travel learns pair of secretary-general Liu Sai Min to say, at present Euramerican country still does not have system of similar uncivilized tourist blacklist.

Since this year April, national tourism bureau reachs Gong Xuliang common to wait because of lawbreaking, code in the light of the tourist be assumed legal responsibility by court decision of administrative punishment, court, or create serious society the behavior of bad influence has a record. The staff member of national tourism bureau is right ” round-the-world times ” say, be recorded at present have 11 tourists only. And this blacklist was

not shared with the foreign country, provide pertinent information to the branch such as public security, civil aviaton when having need only.

To this blacklist be how of make choice of, afore-mentioned staff members tell a reporter, these 11 tourists are by media exposure, and produced greater society to affect. ” uncivilized behavior manages the tourist temporary measure ” still be in executive initial stage, because obtain evidence difficult, basically rely on media exposure so. He says, this original intention that runs way is to be caution China tourist to leave the country the uncivilized behavior when swimming, avoid to mar Chinese image.

So, because be recorded to be on Euramerican uncivilized behavior blacklist,have a possibility, bring about this Shanghai tourist by repatriate? Liu Saimin tells deputy secretary-general of Beijing travel society 21 days ” round-the-world times ” , at present Euramerican country does not have system of similar uncivilized tourist blacklist, and American emigrant official need not reject a tourist to enter a country to any reason, the version that uncivilized tourist records does not have a basis.

Hong Kong ” Na Hua morning paper ” 21 days of reports say, the condition that is rejected to enter a country in the United States includes to have guilty criminal record commonly, punish sheet to be not handed in, owe duty to wait, and if,travel to the United States with live and work about, be rejected possibly also to enter a country, cancel effective visa 10 years even. The personage of tourism of los angeles foreign citizen of Chinese origin that professes to know party discloses say, the United States is gone to to already was restricted to retention before this Shanghai tourist the brim, and apply for delay for two times. Current, american custom did not give out with respect to this matter official statement. (Zhao Jiao )

Outspread read: Chinese tourist because ” of European ” uncivilized record by beautiful repatriate 10 years visa becomes invalid because Chinese tourist is uncivilized record by American repatriate 10 years visa becomes invalid (graph)


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