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Before Thailand police asks to discharge Cha Mangu to explode, enter a country Turkish

Was apart from the explosive record that will produce in Thailand Bangkok street on August 17 to had gone 9 days, thailand police is pursueing the suspect that explodes this in investigation, hand-in-hand travel makes public offer a reward. Occupy medium of Thailand star Xian to will report on August 26, thailand police is opposite explosive case. . .

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Direct seeding of Lebanon female reporter turns over governmental parade to suffer thug rips the garment (graph)

According to England ” daily Post ” will report on August 24, recently, in Lebanon capital Beirut, a female journalist that having direct seeding of what is actually happening turns over governmental armed thug to surround, was torn the dress. This parade causes at least 240 in all group. . .

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Enlighten do obeisance to beach female frequency to pat police deploy civilian clothes to strengthen secretly by patrol

Report will occupy xinhua net Beijing on August 26 end of client of Xin Huaguo border reports Xinhua News Agency, british media reports 25 days, enlighten do obeisance to police to receive female tourist to complain ceaselessly of late, these females complain say, oneself are in on beach when sunbathe. . .

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Website of service of American male prostitute is checked male prostitute spreads all over the whole world 2100 cities

Will report on August 25 according to British Reuter, a controller that police of American new York arrested the bagnio on a net that day and 6 employee. Local inquisitor expresses, this website that the name is is suspected of offerring male prostitute to take. . .

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Indian doctor deliver a child has infantile head body head depart to send Mu Zishuang to die unexpectedly (graph)

According to England ” daily Post ” will report on August 25, indian north Bangsihaheguhan general Er county (Shahjahanpur) puerpera of 32 years old Jidadiwei (Geeta Devi) be sent toward place after state of occurrence antenatal labour pains. . .

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American shop sells ” ghost any of several hot spice plants ” form of life and death is signed before ice-cream power eats extremely by force

 Delicate ice-cream has appeared very long, but ice-cream without which kind of ice-cream any of several hot spice plants resembling ghost that kind is hot. This ice-cream is hot form of a life and death must be signed before eat to you. This ice-cream is in the United States. . .

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156 years old of England are big bell ” be troubled by small disposition ” go two weeks fast 6 seconds

Local time on August 18, 2014, british London, the staff member as string of 1 undertake cleaner is made on the clockface in big bell. In report will occupy new network on August 26 outside intermediary reports 25 days, big bell with British famous Capitol, in the past two weeks, . . .

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Indian edition the Foolish Old Man removed the mountains: The wife cuts off because of hill road hill of authentic of get killed man 22 years

The Foolish Old Man removed the mountains is the folklore of Chinese widely known, but in India, also have the Foolish Old Man removed the mountains of contemporary edition. Imprint intermediary says, ha Erbang is compared in India, a man is souvenir to die in the jolt in hill. . .

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Because male Moslem interacts publicly with female India follower of a religion unclothe going-over a hour (graph)

Integrated outside intermediary report, local time 24 days of evening, tower of Indian card accept overcomes state south because a Moslem man interacts with Indian goddaughter colleague make an appointment with 30 to mob unrigs and be bound on telegraph pole going-over evens more a hour, subsequently relevant photograph is passed to the company. . .

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Camping ground of French north Gypsy produces pop to already caused 4 people death

According to French international broadcast broadcasting station will report on August 25, french north is in Gypsy camping ground to produce pop event on August 25 afternoon local time, up to 25 days of evening, pop causes 4 people death in all, include a military police among them, still have 3 people additionally. . .

2015-08-26 10:33 origin: ? Be not north of the larva of a tapeworm or the cercaria of a schistosome?
Spic of luck of curule blessing island calls day Chinese Yuan Chaoshi ever aggressive Japan also should apologize

Japan ” produce classics news ” the report will say website of the ZAKZAK below the banner on August 25, japanese company insular luck spic publishs civilian party deputy Dang Shoufu 25 days astonishing expression of one’s political views. The Japan that holds afternoon in 24 days joins courtyard budget committee to go up, around install times afterwar. . .

2015-08-26 10:12 o

rigin: ? Be not north of the larva of a tapeworm or the cercaria of a schistosome?
Even more 800 people are registered participate American president to include two cats a dog

China News Service rests Si Dui on August 25 report up to on August 25, complete beauty has had 828 people to fill in candidate statement is registered attend 2016 American president general election, this lets do not admire Hillary to overcome Lin Du, Donald – Telangpu. . .

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Beautiful republic dangshen chooses a person to take China to say a thing again: We are met by be a burden on

Intermediary says outside, 24 days, index of American Dow Jones suffers effect of diving of Chinese stock market, achieve odd-numbered days the biggest drop, drop amount to 1000 a little bit for a time, before closing quotation small pick up, drop finally below 3% closing quotation. Data chart: Donna heart &mi. . .

2015-08-26 09:56 origin: ? Comfort cangue  ⑼ ?
China pats cucumber to explode invention of American of red new York has a way newly: Add yoghurt (graph)

Intermediary says outside, section cucumber and the difference that take cucumber, can eat readily come out. Picture origin: New York Times occupies the United States ” new York Times ” the website will report on August 25, section cucumber surface is smooth, not easy tasty, condiment is added above toward. . .

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Apollo and chaperon are affectionate feel the male genital anger kills metamorphic person

A soldier of American recently by Philippine sue with homicide, because he is suspected of murdering a metamorphic person last year, because affectionate when discover chaperon has male genital unexpectedly, under one anger, accidentally drop commits murder. Sign up for according to the electron when Taiwan is medium 8. . .

2015-08-26 09:50 origin: ? Comfort cangue  ⑼ ?
India 2 years old male child suffer from ” double penis disease ” inborn 3 penises do not have anus

India 2 years old of male baby are born to contract rare double penis disease (Diphallia) , meaning the penis that has root or two above namely, at the same time he also does not have anus, cannot live normally like average person at all. Place favour has a doctor. . .

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Map of Philippine new edition indicates yellow cliff island to be about to reveal phenanthrene square dominion for phenanthrene territory

No matter phenanthrene just gets what petty action, the basic fact that a bit cannot change his is Chinese inherent territory

2015-08-26 09:08 origin: ? Be not north of the larva of a tapeworm or the cercaria of a schistosome?
Brazil 90 hind belle mayor dazzle is rich graph of abscond of defalcate dread punishment for one’s crime)

Brazil a mayor of 25 years old of belles recently because of abscond of defalcate dre

ad punishment for one’s crime. Brazilian federal police issues the sternest warning: Anybody conceal this 90 hind mayor, accomplice be regardinged as. According to this media coverage, li enlighten. . .

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Nigeria is sent by suicidal bomb assault 5 dead 41 injuries suspect or for 14 years old of girls

In report will occupy new network on August 25 outside intermediary report, 25 days, suicidal type bomb happens to assault incident Nigeria, cause 5 people death, 41 people are injured. Nigeria official says, explosive place is in the entry point of the bus, personnel jam. . .

2015-08-25 17:33 origin: ? Huge rock of discharge  contraction?
Group of round mountain pass loses Japanese force in containing venom body rubbish to send 14 people poison

According to Japan ” produce classics news ” will report on August 25, japanese Kobe city east litter of industry of one civilian battalion handles beach area establishment produces toxic accident one case at 3 days, because 14 staff members are inspiratory the aerification of one inside plastic bucket poisonous liquid hydrofluoric acid in rubbish is produced. . .

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