Argentine man captivity wife be arrested to ever forced the son eats dog food for years

Personage of message of Argentine judicial department says 5 days, duoaoweiduo is suspected of Argentine man Edward captivity wife and have the son that shuts disease oneself old, press still son eats dog food, absorb car tail gas, be arrested by police before today and face accus


Give from cage bar aperture wife hello feed

This message personage says, aoweiduo is 66 years old, live in general of heart of horse of Argentine seaside city to pull a tower. His wife and son mix 32 years old for 61 years old respectively.

Afp report, this cruel-hearted husband and father by day wife in the trap that captivity is using brick, wood and bar to build. The discard on the ground of cage is worn of a bag of bag fecal, dog food, has used injector and steam oilcan also are seen everywhere, there still is Ao Wei to be used apparently more on the ground bind wife rope and ball and chain. According to believing him be give from the aperture of cage bar everyday wife hello feed.

Press the view of message personage, aoweiduo suffers from the son that shuts disease oneself to be able to talk scarcely, the wife is invigorative also disease.

If accusation holds water,will face 15 years of imprisonment

Peilaigelini says, aoweiduo’s other child lives around, but because of awe-stricken father, to its the doing keeps silence all the time. Final, two his children chose to report.

In investigation, his one height daughter-in-law says, aoweiduo is grumpy, always be minatory other.

Associated press report, police is received after informing

against, 4 days of assault ransacked Aoweiduo’s residence arrests his.

Aoweiduo appears in court 5 days be on trial be on trial, face staking and the accusation accusation that let family body manage bondage position. If accusation holds water, he will face 15 years of imprisonment.

Afp report, aoweiduo denies the accusation that is aimed at him. Peilaigelini says, aoweiduo will accept spirit to evaluate.

5 days, of Aoweiduo wife already was admitted to hospital to accept treatment.


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