Japan " earthly young lady " does the champion that choose the United States spit groovy: by the netizen? Is ㄍ of locust four heir standing tall and upright slash?

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According to Xinhua News Agency client of Xin Huaguo border carries a story, recently, japanese Tokyo held young lady of one field ball to choose beautiful match, hillside plot colour of 24 years old wins championship therefore, she also will regard Japanese competion area as the delegate, attend match of world world young lady.

Hillside plot colour is

Earthly young lady is known as one of 4 general election beautiful matches of world, the level should be very high. However, winning hillside plot young lady sufferred broad netizen however spit groove.

Scan widely world, each country chooses beautiful culture very beautiful flowers: In Venezuela, 10 years old of girls that be less than already began to attend choose the United States to groom; In south Africa, fat girl also can publish a calendar with the whole year printed on one sheet that choose the United States; And the players choosing the United States of Korea, indeed cruel of patient of facial blind disease one

[Japan: Always spit groove]

Perhaps, the heart that hillside plot colour is a girl is very beautiful, but her outside and honest difficult Yan Liangli, pardonable the netizen exclamations: Frighten this darling dead!

Nevertheless, small make up think, the facial features of hillside plot young lady is regular still, if can go making a dental plastics, laugh again softly a few more beautiful, regular meeting adds cent many!

This is not Japanese choosing beautiful beautiful any more beautiful spit groove for the first time. 2014, gauze of course bikini, kimono, marriage of 3 link than going all out, this countryside plum will become Japanese young lady. However public opinion thinks, this this countryside young lady is long too rich voice. And in a few such as the low level such as flower of the most beautiful school chooses beautiful match in, also often the netizen spits groove: Does Japan beat nobody?

[Venezuela: Woman jail also chooses the United States]

In Venezuela,

a such popular words: This country teems with oil and belle.

Country of this South America is the world really the bound that choose the United States is not had but the Wang Zhe of compare, at present already behead wins young lady of more than 10 worlds and title of round-the-world young lady. Such atmosphere is ecbolic also an unique culture that choose the United States. In Venezuela, every village has queen of a beauty, if can cry,go up only the orgnaization of the name, have oneself activity that choose the United States, mix even woman jail beadhouse is not exceptional also.

Annual September, will hold Venezuela young lady to choose beautiful contest, this match can be this country most a major issue that gets attention. When every undertake to the match, with respect to the setting that can present the whole town turns out, on the ave do not have pedestrian and car basically, people controlled industry early, run back to the home to defending a television to look choose the United States.

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