Japanese militia publicizes conscript expert to oppugn recruit fighting capacity with colourful star

Login register militia of Japan of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to publicize conscript expert to oppugn: of origin of recruit fighting capacity with colourful star? Be not?2015-08-07 14:4 of north of the larva of a tapeworm or the cercaria of a schistosomeEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 6 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

On August 1, the conscription that Japanese militia announced 2015 year is publicized piece. Compare conscript was publicized 2014 piece enrage Yao of member island Qi with AKB48 person sweet for leading role, the conduct propaganda 2015 piece was to take aim closely more curtilage male group, the altar of affection lubricious goddess that invited Japan is sweet, propagandist title is: " sweet enrollment of recruit header altar! " . Say, altar honey is known as the sexy goddess that current Japan society has his moment most. But why does Japan defend the province wants to ask her to become the figure spokesman of conscript? " newspaper of Japanese new overseas Chinese " Jiang Feng points out the editor in chief, japanese militia is faced with conscript to wait for a problem hard nowadays, meaning of defensive province this action instigates in female star of sex appeal of have the aid of curtilage male people impulse will make up for admit index. Nevertheless, at the same time the comment points out Jiang Feng, japanese militia is so strange f

lower conscript means, let a person suspect its fighting capacity whether real promotion.

Cut of militia conscript video pursues

Jiang Feng will sign up for in Japanese new overseas Chinese on August 6 write on the net civil say, draw up will feel embarrassed a bit, the altar that was born in autumn cropland county 1980 is sweet, may answer Qiu Tian gives a beauty this word, it is to fluctuate to sending out all over really sexy flavour, person photo queen, curtilage male killer. Her main actor passes " the slave that becomes me " wait for much ministry to take a beating the 3 degree that get cruel piece, seat of honour leads tall house not to fall. A few days ago, a media of Japanese launchs the questionnaire investigation of female star of Japanese optimal sexual love, altar honey is in unexpectedly head

of a list of names posted up.

From curtilage male killer seals date this, can see altar honey is right Japan is young curtilage male people allure. Jiang Feng says, work out of Japanese sea, land, empty militia is 247 thousand person, but have 226 thousand person only at present. Can feel pained Japanese militia for inadequacy of sources of soldiers all the time, not hesitate this help outstanding sentiment piece the actor becomes figure spokesman, the purpose is to attract curtilage male people eyeball, them the sort of impulse is teased rise, let them be interested in militia, raise the possibility that plays militia thereby.

Jiang Feng points out, in recent years, on the means method of conscript, really pretty spells Japanese militia. A among them important way is conscript of put together art. What be a delegate with AKB48 is young act art star people, it is conscript conduct propaganda all the time piece, the frequenter on propagandist calendar. All sorts of bud come to what bud goes use free figure, also go up to conscript handbill placard. This, flat allow 3 class piece actor altar honey comes on stage personally, also it may be said innovates one kind. What just must let a person suspect is, japanese militia asks for the arms that come so, moral view belongs to next multiplying, can be fighting capacity entered excellent? Jiang abundant doubt says.

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