Pregnant woman of old horse foreign citizen of Chinese origin is suspected of mistreating deadly after 2 years old of daughters labor, be carried to accuse

Login register text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian is pregnant woman of old horse foreign citizen of Chinese origin suspected of mistreating deadly be after 2 years old of daughters labor, carried to accuse origin: ? ?2015-08-05 17:3 of huge rock of discharge  contractionEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 6 Http:// channel

In report will occupy new network on August 5 Malaysia " southern Asia business signs up for " report, fu Sheng produces mother of foreign citizen of Chinese origin of a Malaysia, be suspected of mistreating deadly daughter of foreign citizen of Chinese origin is accused to murder. The accused is house

wife Feng Meiqi of 26 years old (person name transliteration) , 5 days are in inferior collect tooth also judicial face accuses.

Just produce the accused of 3 days.

Accuse shape to show the accused is made an appointment with on July 20 afternoon this year 5 when 30 minutes of v/arc be on the throne at weak edge float Luo Shibang enlighten flower amount to do not amount to a horse live, deadly the daughter with 22 big months, offend 302 article murder criminal code blame.

Below this article, once the blame is be

come, only penalty is capital punishment.

Advocate accuse Guan Nabi to pull apply for statute book of cite criminal order to the court 342 article, send soft Buddha city Bai Mai hospital the accused, let doctor of mental division specialized subject be the mental situation that assesses the accused, whether to suit to appear in court trial.

Zhi of judge Nuo A checks approval this application, at the same time case of choose definitive edition on September 8 appear in court to be tried.

Because the accused justs at 3 a few days ago absurd next children, according to folk consuetudinary, during still belonging to confinement in childbirth, 5 days wear long sleeve jacket, the upper part of the body wears convict clothes, private parts round salon, the sock is worn on the foot, in policewoman give aid to next appearing in court that the face accuses.

5 days make an appointment with early 8 when 30 minutes, after the accused brings judicial prison house, before an old man and husband wait, its come to care to visit. Its husband is outside prison house, lying between a wall, to the defendant inquire after sb's health inside prison house, enjoin her to patronize the body, cannot bathe etc. Also reply at the same time the circumstance of firstborn of the accused care, because there is red place on the body,point to the child, in continueing to leave a courtyard.

The accused is last month 21 days be arrested by police, she has pregnancy at that time, after police completes investigation, the ability after waiting for the accused to be delivered of the child is carried accuse her.

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