American aid builds Afghan building ” confuse your the Pentagon ” cost 160 million dollar

According to ” New Zealand pioneer signs up for ” 12 days of reports, the building of new headquarters of Afghan department of defense that American aid builds confuses your the Pentagon at Kabul completion.

The report says, this white marble building with 5 tall buildings covers an area of thirty-eight thousand five hundred square m

etre, spend 4 years of time in all, cost 160 million dollar. This building has a 34 meters tall dome, can handle official bussiness at the same time for 2500 people. The establishment of form a complete set of this building includes to have establishment of dormitory of officers and soldiers, fortification, sewage disposal and power plant. 3 dining-room inside the building can ensure 1000 people have dinner at the same time. House of the hall that one still sets to be able to hold 1000 people inside the building, large fitness, wholesome place and court-martial.

Two officer of beautiful

A member all express, the completion that expects new building can be helped turn round battlefield declining tendency. Since this year, in the sacrifice on battlefield and wounded Afghan soldier the number is compared the corresponding period increased last year 63% .


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