Foreign netizen boycotts division of meat of jade forest dog to participate in a number to exceed 200 thousand

Will report on June 1 according to the BBC, the dog meat part that foreign netizen and animal protection organization oppose Guangxi Yu Lin. Main confine is in China before this the controversy of home that has not to eat dog meat, had spread to abroad nowadays.

Begin from May, gregarious media is pushed go up especially already accumulativ

e total appeared 250 thousand are contained prevent Yu Lin 2015 (#StopYulin2015) of topic symbol push civil. The sound that these opposition basically comes from England, United States and Australia. Of more fetching attention still one is called great American animal to protect an organization. Great on the net the appeal cancels division of meat of Yu Lin dog, get the autograph of 20 much people is answered. And great the propagandist video of the place that is place of division of antagonism dog meat is above video website YouTube had broadcasted more than 130 thousand times.

Great father a surname adds constant (Andrea Gung) accept before this when interviewing, say: My a few shambles that Yu Lin just had been to before the day. The dog of feline cat dog of different type of build or figure, different sort is wearing necklace. They are very friendly. The dog is the mankind's best friend, 1 many 10 thousand dog is being killed in the day is a mistake. Gong Zengheng still expresses, the hidden danger of health of dog meat existence on division of meat of jade forest dog. Although somebody thinks flesh having a dog has profit to the body, but some dogs on dog meat division are bought from blackmarket, may sicken. Gong Zengheng says: Consumer thinks they eat them to do not have a thing, not be actually such.

Great in gregarious network communal homepage is set above Facebook, publicize energetically to foreign personage, oppose part of meat of jade forest dog to the utmost. Gong Zengheng professes to hope jade forest person can understand, international society does not approve the method of flesh having a dog. Up to now, great Facebook Zhang number has 13 thousand vermicelli made from bean starch about. The city of Er of Sen Ni Wei that great official website shows to its contact an address to be located in American California. There is acting Huang Tingjian of the Song Dynasty with traditional Chinese on the website " Buddhist monastic discipline kills a poem " : Flesh of my flesh all living creatures, renown different body not different, former same kind of sex, just fasten form human body. All living creatures of pity of a Bei still was added after Shi Wenzhi!

Division of meat of jade forest dog causes controversy in the gregarious media of Chinese home, alternate with of praise or blame. Relative to character, dog meat division is much in western socialization media appear with negative image.

Speak of flesh having a dog be in China general, one is called Shanmujier (Sam Geall) foreign rich advocate write in upgrade: Although as China richer and richer, eat the flesh to be in in the past in 30 years more and more general; But the practice of flesh having a dog is not spread all over the whole nation. I stayed 15 years in China, never the person has eaten dog meat to me. Look in Jill, the festival of and so on of division of meat of jade forest dog is main the purpose is to attract a tourist. He writes: Local tourism bureau can use traditional element to draw tourist and income, this practice is commonner.

Gregarious media had chang

ed the view of the behavior of pair of flesh having a dog, jill is written. In the past in 5 years, more and more animals protect an organization to using gregarious media to object taking the action of dog meat.


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