In sky of Russian-American military plan close-fitting confront each other the closest apart record of 3 meters of refresh

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ews of American cable television (the message of official of many United States weighs CNN)12 day quote, on May 30, a Russia revive - the American RC-135U scout that high speed of 27 opportunity for combat is close to airspace of an empty on the Black Sea international to fly, the distance has 10 feet only at that time (about 3 meters of) . The report says, this Russia opportunity for combat and American scout fly with identical height companion, after that sudden slowdown is broken away from, back-to-back follow at sb' heels plane of this United States. Nevertheless, american plane did not leave reconnoiter line at that time. Senior official says a the Pentagon that knows conflict detail, we cannot judge this hereat meaning, or in the absense of training or experience.

This is two countries plane is the most adjacent since cold war. This can not be Hollywood is big medium trick shot, however Russian-American air force is revealing muscle. Germany " focus " weekly describes Russian-American military plan 12 days so newest in sky close-fitting confront each other.

The United States " Washington freedom beacon " website comment says, this is the intercept in dangerous sky, it is Russian-American between the newest signal of aggravate of martial insecurity relation. TV station of French Europe news says, russia opportunity for combat is in the Black Sea is intended twice close quarters approachs American battleplan, this thing was announced to build up in dimensions of muscularity of different state general by itself of army accredit exposure fall at the setting of the Black Sea, local situation tends nervous.

The distance of 3 meters of Russian-American conflict is closer, german news TV station judges exposition and argumentation 12 days, two opportunity for combat do not wish to yield, what do 3 meters of military plan that contact to two close quarters mean? Collide with respect to likelihood happening carelessly a bit. Germany " focus " weekly says, the empty dangerous movement on the Black Sea is the climax of drama of angle of military plan of two countries near future only.

Expert of renown military affairs tells Chinese aircraftman 12 days " round-the-world times " reporter, 3 meters here show is the distance between two planes wing and wing, it is the viewing distance that flies in air man sky, put in error of certain visual sense. Tw

o machine are apart from even if is 3 meters, air man can ensure flight safety through adjusting height to differ. Russia plane approachs American plane is to delivering signal not to come. This expert expresses, fly through close quarters in sky will press to the side outside direction, it is the basic method that air man handles this kind of case. Forcing outside is strategy of a kind of fight. Look from big environment, russian-American between when the relationship is stable, two countries plane is in empty middle distance is bit further, the relation tightens Zhang Shi to be nodded nearly. One kind when force measure is Russia faces high-pressured situation outside rebounds.

During the incident in this sky just meets by exposure officer of beautiful Russia navy holds year meeting in Italy, conference purpose is to discuss 1972 of become effective " beautiful revive in the sky reach its about preventing high seas the agreement of accident " . " Washington times " say, since World War II, russia and Russia in all down plane of 70 United States. Nevertheless, after afore-mentioned agreements are signed, two countries did not happen again incident fights in sky.

CNN reports, whether did United States of Shang Buqing Hunan already put forward to protest with respect to this incident, but this is this year since April between Russia military plan and American military plan or warship produce conflict the 3rd times. At the beginning of June, the video presentation that American navy announces, russia revive - 24 opportunity for combat are opposite in the Black Sea demonstrate of U.S. Army naval ships, low altitude passes by destroyer of missile of date of U.S. Army Ross. On April 7, scout of RC-135U of an United States is when task of executive flight of Baltic international airspace by Russia revive - intercept of 27 opportunity for combat, the distance with two the closest machine only 6 meters. American government criticizes this kind of move at that time insecure not professional also. Between beautiful Russia military plan new result of round of argue last year on April 23, at that time revive - 27 opportunity for combat and scout of a beautiful RC-135U are in distance Russia far east coasting the Huo Cike of another name for Hubei province of 60 sea mile is maritime battle of the empty intercept that perform.

The word of official of many United States says CNN cite, as a result of Baltic the grow in quantity of beautiful Russia military plan with black maritime sky, confronting incident can be sent more frequent. French network magazine " matters pertaining to defense " say, russian-American military plan confronts each other to happen from time to tome originally, the abnormal place nowadays is led in Yu Pin taller and taller, and have the possibility that makes all in the day's work. Russia wants to borrow this to show Russian army already had made all preparation that answer menace of foreign military affairs, and the United States also just does not wish at this point retreat, weaken the confidence of front ally thereby, the probability that this certainly will makes chafe promotes.

(Original title: Russian-American military plan is close-fitting fight hand-to-hand: The closest apart record of 3 meters of refresh)


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