India western the city encounters 90 years to come the most serious big calamity air force dispatchs come to help

According to ” Indian times ” will report on June 26, india western state coast city installs Gujilate Lei Li (Amreli) lot comes 90 years calamity of the most serious flood, stricken be hit by a natural adversity area ins disorder one piece.

This area has 600 villages to be flooded by the flood about in 838 villages, gujilate air force of state government, India (IAF) and force of national calamity reaction (NDRF) already started extensive rescuing work.

On June 25, indian air force 4 helicopter put in 15000 packets of rescuing food to stricken be hit by a natural adversity villager. Since 24 days, a lot of villagers stop because of pluvial besiege in disaster area. Among them 400 many villages are destroyed because of road, make rescuing job cannot spread out.

As a result of around bridge cave in, enter line of this area railroad to also be bro

ken by block. System of network of disaster area communication also is destroy

ed by the flood, many 400 village already power cut. Bedding face accumulates land to still be flooded by the flood, the official that shares rescuing work shows, disaster area case returns to normal to need 20 days at least. But if appear rainfall, the situation of a disaster will worsen.

The farmer is damaged particularly serious, the farm after sowing not only is destroyed, cattle also dies in great quantities. Anleili’s old people says, this the flood is come 90 years the most serious.


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