Inner ear of long-distance race of New Zealand woman encounters storm relies on to drink oneself galactic maintain an order

The intermediary outside occupying reports, recently, new Zealand a mother of 29 years old, pause in Hui Ling the inner ear when the forest around enters cross-country race, be missing 24 hours. Final, she relies on the mother that drinks her to breed the miracle survives.

The report says, is this mom called susan? O'Brien. When she enters the long-distance race of 20 kilometers with the forest south at pausing 10 days in Hui Ling local time, because turn,the fault is bent and los

e way.

The report points out, susan is decided formerly local time 10 days morning 11 when return start 30 minutes, but come to had not appeared midday, authorities expedites 31 people and search of 3 dogs that rescue, be in eventually 11 days morning 11 when discover susan.

Before susan is sending toward the hospital to accept an inspection, had reunited with the husband, son of two years old and 8 daughters with big month.

After the event, susan says to be in stray meet blast torrential rain that evening, she thinks she will be so gone, she keeps pray and missing family.

Because wear light run the garment, susan returns gouge a hole comes, hide inside to be him heat preservation, what drink oneself is galactic in order to resist thirsty.

Local time 11 days of mornings, the heat o

f the helicopter that rescue detects sensor discovers susan and save her case.


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