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Indonesian western produce 6.1 class earthquake to still report without personal casualty

Xinhua net Jakarta on May 16 electric Indonesia western Ming Gulu saves 16 days of before dawn happening 6. 1 class earthquake, the government still is in assess local damage situation, still do not have personal casualty and belongings loss report at present. Indonesian atmosphere, climate and earth. . .

2015-05-16 15:04 origin: ? Salary  ?
“Disaster essence female ” search for male tourist to rape and capture walks along its seminal fluid (graph)

 This is what the manners and morals of the time, the man begins to fear woman. They say to me actually, we do not build your car, we had not believed you. Enlighten Li tile says to go to Africa especially. . .

2015-05-16 14:28 origin: Northeast net
Suspect of case of explosion of American Bostonian marathon is sentenced capital punishment

The ruling will sentence American federal jury on May 15 Jiaohaerchaernayefu of suspect of case of Bostonian marathon explosion capital punishment. Xinhua News Agency / Washington of associated press xinhua net on May 15 report (Guan Jianwu of reporter Mu Dong) American federal is accompanied. . .

2015-05-16 14:22 origin: ? Salary  ?
” global information society develops a report 2015 ” release China today row whole world 88

When day of society of message of the 10th world is coming, the forum of progress of 2015 information society that by information society 50 people forum sponsors is in Beijing China old hotel is held, national information center is released ” global information society develops. . .

2015-05-16 14:22 origin: ? Kun of wooden tablets or slips for writing?
Dog of belt of general of Hollywood star heart enters a country Australia is checked bay square diplomatic note lets dog euthanasia

Pirate captain loves a dog with his. Australian government and Caribbean pilfer are dry went up, the fuse is two dogs. 13 days, australian Ministry of Agriculture is become to Hollywood red shadow. . .

2015-05-16 14:19 origin: ? This ┏ collate?
Japan plans to was Shen Wei of team of divine wind secret service to call ” those who remember a war is bitter “

The sound that occupies China ” news freely ” report, have air man of such a batch of Japan, they can be Japanese the emperor of Japan to be being sung together before set out odic, eat a good meal together with young officer again, and still can be awarded decoration and cavalier sword &hellip. . .

2015-05-16 13:44 origin: ? Kun of wooden tablets or slips for writing?
92 years old of old ladies eat India everyday body of 2 jins of sand is very healthy

According to England ” daily Post ” will report on May 14, the black of Ma of Su Da of 92 years old of females that lives in India osmund (Sudama Devi) the habit that has a different common, that should eat below 1 kilogram sandy soil everyday namely, and had held to 80 old. Making what the doctor feels amazed is, the body of black osmund is very healthy however.

2015-05-16 13:30 origin: ? Does  try know well?
Researcher discovers temperature of fish of the first warm blood is in 4 arrive between 5 ℃ (graph)

Capture in American California coast this fish, the hematic current that there is warmth inside its body drips, made sure it can be in frozen seawater quick action.

2015-05-16 13:12 origin: ? Pay Wang?
British fisherman captures record of broken world of 6 Mi Changju eel (graph)

Giant eel weight is as high as 155 pounds taller than double deck bus, broke world record

2015-05-16 12:57 origin: ? Blame Nao?
African man believes to suck the blood that hematic filling evil kills 13 women and they get on blot personally

According to Hong Kong ” new newspaper ” will report on May 15, in African Zimbabwe, du Na of favour of 26 years old of men believes to suck hematic filling body, be suspected of murdering 13 women, their blood is sucked like just like bloodsucker. Enduna is in last week a night. . .

2015-05-16 12:15 origin: ? Be not north of the larva of a tapeworm or the cercaria of a schistosome?
IS occupational Iraq pulls Ma Di municipal government to pass at least 50 polices to be killed

“Mohammedan country ” arm with bomb of 6 suicide car occupational Iraq helps Ma Di municipal government, at least 10 polices are beaten dead

2015-05-16 11:57 origin: ? Travel hill?
15 years old of girls mix India married male elope by the relative group force is beaten up deadly

Foreign people protests reputation murders behavior (the data pursues) will report on May 15 according to Afp, indian the eastpart part the area produces Batenade 13 days one case reputation murders incident

. A girl of 15 years old and 25. . .

2015-05-16 11:49 origin: ? Does  try know well?
Congo (gold) 127 females are exposed to the sun to be invaded by sex of armed element collective

According to Australia ” Sydney pioneer morning paper ” will report on May 15, congo (gold) 127 females of a small town are in the eastpart part assault at the beginning of this month is raped in the activity by armed element. According to the report, organize &rdqu without national boundaries doctor. . .

2015-05-16 11:48 origin: ? Blame Nao?
African man follow the lead of ” bloodsucker ” be suspected of murdering 13 women

African Zimbabwe Du Na of favour of mad apprentice of 26 years old of cold blood (Alois Nduna) is suspected of murdering 13 women, the blood that sucks them again ever since in order to fill the body. According to the report, enduna is arrested at inn of a night last week, admit to control a crime ever since, at present by take into custody. . .

2015-05-16 11:43 origin: ? Travel hill?
Pregnant woman undertakes Caesarean operation doctor loses the mobile phone patient abdomen in

According to England ” lens signs up for ” will report on May 14, recently, jordanian woman of 36 years old breaths out Na Mu rarely Modeabodulekalimu (, ache. . .

2015-05-16 11:42 origin: ? Blame Nao?
Beautiful undergraduate suffers ” A pleasant ” inspire a challenge 100 days to run 5000 kilometers

American boy gets the film ” A Gan Zhengchuan ” inspire begin to last 100 day, course of development pass through 3200 miles plan of American long-distance running

2015-05-16 11:32 origin: ? Blame Nao?
Aobama attends bay 6 countries peak is met absent of 4 countries head of state (graph)

Aobama attends bay 6 countries peak is met, 4 countries head of state is absent

2015-05-16 11:26 origin: ? Heir Pan felt?
Falungong parades in new York assembly large quantities of personnel that do not have course of study celebrate employ Li Hongzhi false birthday (graph)

For swashbuckling, falungong employ large quantities of personnel that do not have course of study come round to aid blast.

2015-05-16 10:55 origin: ?  Bin?
Russia is rich the make water that 3 generation give money to let passerby drink him, be in the nude in public

Russia real estate and medium magnate Igor Neklyudov16 year old grandchildren Grigory Mamurin, because film,the video of intended affront other was hit recently. In this paragraph of video, he provides fund to people, but the make water that asks others takes off nude to perhaps drink him in Muscovite downtown. But the received answering having egoistically penalty that a passerby allows him, after be suggested to drink his make wa

ter, this person is very angry, ko Grigory in the ground on the spot.

2015-05-16 10:26 origin: ? Does nobeliun send?


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