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Square appeal dissolves the crisis to restore the normal and lawful order of Yemen as soon as possible in

Beijing of China News Service on March 27 report (Guo Junyu) a few days ago, sea of sanded special grade adds up to meeting country to arm to Yemen Husai launch air attack, cause personal casualty. To this, hua Chunying of spokesman of Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs expresses 27 days on routine press conference, chinese government height takes special also care seriously to be in Yemen China the safety of citizen 上海千花网论坛and orgnaization, the foundation Yemen situation develops and need, take action in time, square concerned personnel is safe in ensuring.

Hua Chunying emphasizes pointing out, zhongfangyiguan advocates politics solves all heat problem, just appeal according to U.N. Security Council resolution, sea adds up to conference proposal to wait in, dissolve the crisis as soon as possible, restore the normal and lawful order of Yemen.

According to the report, ch上海千花网论坛ina is stationed in Yemen ambassador Tian Qi 26 days are accepted local time when interviewing, express, after air attack happening, diplomatic mission start lash-up mechanism for a short while, complete a move of safety of the same night, in informing at the same time endowment orgnaization organization personnel withdraws, when be being interviewed to the reporter, in Sa in that endowment orgnaization personnel is safe. He says, now add up to of Yemen China citizen 590 people, do not have personal casualty at present. (Be over)


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One flower nuclear-powered submarine dogs floating ice of Russian warship dash against breaks a large hole (graph)

Login register text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian one flower does nuclear-powered submarine dog does floating ice of Russian warship dash against break a large hole (graph) origin: ? Qu Xian?2015-04-06 09:1Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 9 Http:// channel

Flower nuclear-powered submarine dogs Russian warship

Duang! Crack up

The net austral Fujian on April 6 dispatch an England nuclear-powered submarine dogs Russia is wounded when naval naval vessels, a few months cannot carry out the likelihood the task.

Office of group of the picture in the graph seems damage place for talent order suspect

England " daily Post " network edition the word of many official reports limejuicer of 5 days of cite, during nuclear power of British talent size atttacks submarine to track Russia naval ships and boat, be damaged.

Normally, the action of nuclear-powered submarine belongs to a secret. These British officials say incident happened last year only, reject to disclose specific time and place and other detail. A naval spokesman says, talent date bumps into rise to put on the ice, sli上海千花网论坛ght damage, but still have complete action capacity.

Report, talent date podium surrounds housing coping to bump give a large hole, diameter about 1.8 meters, repair expenses predicts to amount to 500 thousand pound (add up to 750 thousand dollar about) , a few months cannot carry out the likelihood the task.

The month on talent date sails the subma[......]

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North holds code name of associated a sham battle in Romania about " 15 spring breeze "

Electric north will make an appointment with xinhua net Bucharest on April 16 the multilateral combination a sham battle of 15 spring breeze is in code name 16 days Romanian the eastpart part pulls open heavy curtain.

Occupy the news communique that Romanian department of defense issued that day, the airport of for military use of the shooting gallery that maneuver parts to add the county that pull Ci in Romania and county of Kang Sitan examine undertakes. Many 2200 soldier that comes from the United States, England, Maerduowa and Romania enters this practice, the purpose is the martial action ability that ensures north makes an appointment with member country and its associate country. In by a definite date during maneuver of 15 上海千花网论坛days, the soldier will enter 4 countries battle disposition, ball firing and the drilling that answer tactical ability.

According to the report, maneuver of 15 spring breeze is the one part that north arranges Atlantic determination action to plan.

Romania asks north is in Romanian churchyard and area of the Black Sea to maintain a military affairs to exist about上海千花网论坛 for many times of late.

(Original title: North holds associated a sham battle in Romania about)

Responsibility edits: Wu Defei[......]

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Victim of explosive case China adds Bangkok to just say to 6 people peaceful the lock decides a suspect

Report will occupy xinhua net Bangkok on August 18 the latest news that China is stationed in Thailand diplomatic mission to release, up to local time 18 days 19 when (Beijing time 18 days 20 when) , the Chinese citizen number that dies in Bangkok expl上海千花网论坛osion case rises to 6 person.

According to the newest data that diplomatic mission provides, 4 mainlands dweller and resident of 2 Hong Kong include in the victim, still have hospitalization of 22 China citizen, additionally 1 person breaks couplet. In addition, personnel of more than 10 flesh wound has left hospital after accepting treatment.

Thailand premier cling to Yo expressed that day, thailand army already discovered a man that has great suspicion in Bangkok explosion case, main raid.

C上海千花网论坛ling to Yo says when accepting a reporter to interview: There already was a suspect today, we are searching this individual.

Thailand police announced the monitoring kinescope of spot of a paragraph of explosion that day. The picture shows, before explosive happening before long, one piece when a young man that wears unlined upper garment of maize T compensate puts knapsack of a black by fane of all sides Buddha sits on chair, look install the mobile phone in black polybag, leave hastily next, produced explosion before long.

The explosive event that 17 days of evening produce around fane of Buddha of Bangkok downtown all sides already brought about death of at least 20 person, 120 much person to get hurt. Outside Chinese citizen is b[......]

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Street of driftage of musical talent Tang Nasen drives performance piano touchs everybody

[round-the-world net reports integratedly] according to England " daily Post " will report on May 22, tang Nasen of homeless musician Allan (Alan Donaldson) plays piano in the station, extreme musical instrument art Jing colourful passerby, bring good intention person to achieve numerous prepare platform to solve abode problem for its.

When homeless Allan Tangnasen appears in British button to block Si Erzhong at first when center station, sufferred all kinds of mock and insult, be driven by the police even. But the piano solo that begins performance Beethoven when him " give Alice " hind, everybody by his extreme musical instrument art astonish with the performance of shock popular feeling, touch and sob.

Tang Nasen performed Beethoven " 上海千花网论坛moon sonata " wait for music of many classical piano to look. Passerby filmed with the mobile phone Tangnasen's piano performs extract to upload Facebook, thi上海千花网论坛s video has his moment quickly in the network. When a of Tang Nasen old schoolmates see this video, feel very astonish, say he is the talent of report of an endowment different. Founded then numerous prepare platform GoFundMe to help him search proper dwelling place.

So far, this video quantity that browse already amounted to 65000 take second place much, transmit quantity is amounted to 1500 times.

Responsibility edits: Ren Shaojie[......]

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Toward the nucleus colonel of beautiful day of 6 talks Han meets conduct Korea return dialogue

Toward the nucleus colonel of beautiful day of 6 talks Han meets continue orbit of dialog of Shi Yachao little return

Beijing of China Ne上海千花网论坛ws Service on May 27 message of electric head Er: Colonel of beautiful day of 6 talks Han is in face nucleus problem 27 days an Er hold tripartite talk, discussion Korea condition and face nucleus problem. Tripartite decides, continue to increase pair of face to apply press strength and punish strength, make table of Korea return dialog.

The State Council of bureau of long yellow dredge, United States is opposite cadre of bargaining of peace of peninsula of Korea of Korea Ministry of Foreign Affairs toward policy special delegate gold is become, Yi Yuanchun of Oceanian director of Asia of province of Japanese foreign affairs attended the talk that day.

Korea media message says, tripartite is opposite 27 days on the meeting current Korea condition undertook assessment, think Korea gives out minatory, test-fire to go to Korea continuously recently shoot missile to upgrade to undertake trying to wait ceaselessly for nuclear energy force, bring about Korea interior uncertainty to greaten. Tripartite head of delegation still was discussed mainly in the talk increase pair of Korea to apply pressure to spend, conduct the program of platform of Korea return dialog.

Yellow dredge bureau will be backward media expresses, at present each just undertake to be the same as Korea p reaper dialog is paid hard, but Korea did not make an any responses. The[......]

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Mo Di home town 500 thousand person goes into the street parade happening beating sends 10 people to die

Login register home town of Mo Di of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian does 500 thousand person go into the street does parade happening beating send: of origin of 10 people death? Be not?2015-08-28 09:3 of north of the larva of a tapeworm or the cercaria of a schistosomeEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 2 Http:// channel [summary] happen " beating " , cast block and arson, cause death of at least 10 people

The home town Gu Jila of Indian premier Mo Di is special state 25 days of evening, 26 day happening bobbery, 500 thousand person goes into the street processional demonstrate, produce beating subsequently, cast block and arson, cause death of at least 10 people. Indian army leaves into Gujilate state disturbance area maintains order, execute curfew. Indian premier Mo Di passes telecast, appeal keep one's head of home town people, emphasize can solving a problem through talking things over, disturbance and force do not have advantage to who. " Indian times " say, gujilate of 27 days state, envelop in some kind of calm.

25 days, the person of handkerchief spy Er of tens of thousands of strides Da Bade assembly in metropolis Ai Ha

The person of handkerchief spy Er of state starts Gujilate the purpose of demonstrate is malcontent government too partial and take care of low caste estate and poor, reuter reports so. Begin from 25 days of evening, person of handkerchief spy Er in Gujilate Ai Ha of the biggest city st[......]

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The mediterranean that uncover secret crosses private snake group secretly year into 1 million euro (graph)

Login register text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to uncover sec上海千花网论坛ret mediterranean to cross group of smuggling person snake secretly year into 1 million euro (graph) origin: ? ?2015-09-10 10:0 of huge rock of discharge  contractionEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 6 Http:// channel

In new network on September 10 report we fear felon can coil the paragraph runs away, we can follow him to go to sea at 11 o'clock tonight, person snake dealer calls us to wait, do not know when to can leave. Never consider the crisis 4 bend over, still in the stowaway mouth that gamble steps dead line, classics regular meeting hears word of first class of person snake group, snake.

On the course of a train of Hungarian border town, father of refugee of a Syria is carrying his child on the back to walk along train rail.

An emigrant boy is by the side of train window outward look around, he comes from new the emigrant center that establish, this train is to be on Majidu and Greek border town.

Female of a demonstrate holds high keep the sign that has open border land. Heart intermediary report says, after the course hesitates for long, mokeer begins to handle refugee topic.

Person snake group this mysterious destiny that crossed a smuggling ring to master hundred thousands of person it seems that secretly, in the backside of Mediterranean refugee tide, they are become win the home at most to be benefited.

The felon increase chain of M[......]

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European country will implement the next year when the winter makes on October 25 the end end March

The sound that occupies China " center wide news " report, european country will on October 25 01:0 of Greenw上海千花网论坛ich time before dawn0, beijing time in the morning 09:00 when beginning to carry out a winter to make, come to ended on March 27, 2016.

Using the zone that makes when sunlight is managing, the Zhong Bo when summer is fast a hour, dial again in the winter. What use at this moment is standard time, namely when the winter makes. A lot of countries of tall latitude and middle latitude to make full use of summertime sun's rays is illuminated, managing illume uses phone, and time of not fluctuant work and rest, practice daylight saving tim上海千花网论坛e. It is namely before summertime arrival, hour hand set forward a hour, to the front of autumn of below half season comes, move hour hand a hour again.

As weather colder and colder, the winter is closer and closer from us also. European country will on October 25 01:0 of Greenwich time before dawn0, namely Beijing time in the morning 09:00 when beginning to carry out a winter to make, come to ended on March 27, 2016. At the appointed time, the European country such as England, France and Germany is relevant of bourse trade when time will make according to the winter trade regular change, trade a hour after closing quotation time all is delayed. In addition, american general local time on November 1 before dawn 02:00, namely Beijing time 15:00 when beginning to carry out a winter to make, come to ended on March 13, 2016. When the winter[......]

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Now international news

European parliament vote protects Sinuodeng to avoid suffer beautiful square extradite (graph)

Dispatch will occupy people net on October 30 CNN latest news, european parliament undertook 29 days polling local time, final decision will protect Sinuodeng to avoid suffer the United States square extradite. Data picture: Sinuodeng (original title: Dispatch: Europe is discussed. . .

2015-10-30 19:16 origin: ? Heir Lian?
Great robber of 5 years old of old women is arrested 60 years again pilfer history ever was patted the film (graph)

The message will be in Beijing of center extensive network on October 30 the United States, an old grandma of 85 years old of advanced age caused attention again recently, the many Li Sipei favour that legend of pilfer of this Ceng Yin is on big screen, because of theft the value in a department store of 690 dollars. . .

2015-10-30 19:15 origin: ? ネ of discharge  Cui?
New York 9 the mouth because with be driven to deplane by conflict for nothing site plan exposure

In new network report will report 29 days according to American media on October 30, the rice of triumphant Lun Kai that comes from American new York expresses strangely, oneself be driven 9 times to leave a plane by personnel for nothing by nimble blue aerial, the elder sister's husband that because mix,takes personnel and oneself for nothing only is in plane. . .

2015-10-30 19:15 origin: ? Huge rock of discharge  contraction?
Escape from a danger of success of the other side[......]

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